Why You Can’t Text Her Into Bed

There is a lot of guys out there trying to seduce girls/girlfriends and text her into bed, yet they fail miserably.  I have been on the receiving end of these texts and most of them just make me roll my eyes and wonder do guys really understand how a woman gets to desire.

The first mistake a lot of men make is assuming what tums them on turns her on.  Men are visual.  We can text a man a naked pic and he is sitting on ready.  It just doesn’t work that way with women.  Penis pics or pics of you shirtless just don’t do it for us.  Sex is a physical decision for men.  It’s an emotional decision for a woman.

The second reason why you might not can text her into bed is because you go straight into sexting, with nothing working up to it.  That’s like having sex with no foreplay.  I assure you, women don’t like sex without foreplay.  Going at it dry can be downright painful.  That’s what jumping straight into sexting with out any work up is like.  Please just don’t do it.

A third mistake you might be making is bad timing.  Are you doing it while she is at work.  Are you even aware of when or what time of day she is most relaxed.  Is she even alone or is she out with friends.  Usually if you know about what time she is going to bed, this is the best time to get into her mind.  Timing is everything.

Text Her Into Bed Tonight! 

Forth reason you might not can text her into bed or into the mood is the language you use.  A lot and I mean a lot of women aren’t comfortable with vulgar spell it right out language.  Subtle is better.  Playful, teasing, subliminal suggestive is much more effective as a rule.  Alluding to something without coming right out and saying it plays upon her imagination and it’s a woman’s mind and imagination that lead her to desire.

The fifth thing is you are texting a girl you barely know.  If you are reading this article, perhaps it’s your wife or girlfriend that you are trying to text into bed.  If not, slow it down cowboy.  Most girls with any clue aren’t very thrilled when a guy goes straight for the sex without even knowing her, let alone meeting the girl yet.

Sexting and texting can be fun for women if they feel comfortable with you.  If you fail to establish that comfort it just feels yucky to us and does nothing to turn us on.  I have had a couple men in my life that could drive me crazy with text messages, but sadly I have had more that were completely clueless. You can read here why I stopped having sex with my boyfriend.

Instead for reading all that advice from pick up artist on texting why not check out this guy who actually knows how to get inside the head of your wife or girlfriend.  If you have been failing to text her into bed, check it out here.



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