Emotionally Connect with Women Over Text

If you are reading this blog post then most likely, you need some help with women.  What you are doing probably hasn’t gotten you very far.  Good for you for realizing that to gain success you must first emotionally connect with women.  There simply is no other way to have long term success.

Now when I say emotionally connect, that doesn’t mean you are there being her shoulder to cry on all the time or having to pretend to tolerate her emotional drama.  I am talking about simple connecting because so many men just fail to do this.  If you don’t believe me create a fake profile of a quality woman on a dating site and just watch the lame text messages come through.  Usually higher quality women can be more selective and many men think that means they have to be a super hot guy to attract these girls.  That is not necessarily true.

You see most men spend a lot of their time trying to qualify themselves with women.  They text pics of their bodies, talk about their jobs, cars, houses and so forth.  They think these things will make us want you or want to have sex with you, when it actually does nothing to stimulate us.  We want to know you are interested in us, not about what you think impresses us.  If you have been spinning your wheels trying to qualify yourself in these superficial ways by building what the pick up artist call social status, you won’t connect to us emotionally.   Don’t get me wrong, some of what those PUAs teach is okay, but for the most part it’s based around your own ego.  Not effective in connection with women, really it isn’t.

Emotionally Connect With Women

emotionally connect with womenYou see higher quality girls wait for a guy that can actually lead a conversation.  Most of you start with openers that are just lame and leave us nothing to work with.  I can give you a recent example of a man that actually connected with me recently.  I actually gave him my number on a dating site and let me tell you, this is rare.

He did something simple.  We were conversing and he shared a very embarrassing moment in his life with me.   He showed me vulnerability.  Let me tell you something that women will treasure far more than your dashing good looks, and that is when you open up to us a bit.  I can’t tell you how many times on my years of working a forum for women I hear women hung up on me that say, oh but he really opened up to me.  They just swoon over that stuff.  That doesn’t mean bare your soul, but share things that might be a bit personal as this makes her feel safe and the guard will come down.

Be careful how you do this however.  You don’t want to come across as poor me.  Add some humor into it by all means.  Be light about it.  The guy that did this with me then asked me to share a secret with him.  He actually opened me up where as if he had just came out and asked without emotionally connecting to me, I very well may have hit the block button.

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