Why a Girl Stops Texting Back

Do you know the main reasons a girl stops texting? Do you think she is just playing hard to get? Do you think maybe she is just busy? What if hours or days go by and you still don’t have a reply. What if she has replied before but suddenly stops texting you back. What the hell! What is going on here?

Now I am assuming that if you are reading this article that a girl has stopped texting you completely, not just that she take a while to reply. If she doesn’t answer immediately, please don’t get an attitude with her. If that’s the case and she takes a while to reply it probably means she has a life. No need to get bent out of shape over this. Perhaps you should have more of a life if this is the case so you won’t notice if she takes a while to reply.

The main reason a girls stops texting you is simple. You failed to keep her interest and she friend zoned you. Most girls already have a stash of guys in the friend zone and aren’t looking for another to add to her collection. The majority of guys out there don’t have a clue how to peak a girls interest with a text and get her out. They send boring messages like the following.

Blah blah blah and so forth and so on.  Another thing girls can pick up on and why a girl stops texting is because you come across as needy in your messages.  If you are trying too hard to impress, it’s obvious and can come across as desperate.  It shows in your messages and delivery if you are trying desperately to get her attention.  She feels no sense of urgency so texting you back isn’t on the top of her list.  Why should she?  You aren’t going anywhere.  If girls stop texing you often, your texting game probably needs some serious work.

Now I also must mention the damage a chronic texter can do.  What is a chronic texter you ask?  A guy that texts all day long about uninteresting stuff, like what he is doing.  A guy that just texts us and doesn’t make a move forward is really exhausting to us.  Most girls worth having are too busy for this all day textathon.  Please just don’t do it.  Less is more when getting a girls attention and building attraction.

So How Do You Get Girls to Text You Back?

Girls will text you back when you make them feel good, whether it’s laughter, smiling, intrigue, warmth and other positive emotions. If you are boring them to tears, they aren’t going to feel good about you. Seeing your name or number on her phone should become a trigger to good feeling emotions and if you want girls to respond to you, and move them to the next level, you best learn how to do this. Learn how to text that girl.

Not Getting Responses To Your Texts?



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