Why do Girls Flake on Me

I hear this all the time about women. They are flakes. What is a flake? It’s a woman that can’t seem to make up her mind. She says things that make you think she is interested. She may even accept dates from you, but more times than not, she comes up with an excuse at the last minute and leaves you wondering why do girls flake on me.

I know all about it, I have done it. Yep, I have flaked on guys and I know a lot of other women who do it too. We answer the phone or texts when he calls. We say yes that sounds like fun we would love to go. We even encourage and every now and then, we even initiate the contact.

Then when it comes right down to it, we throw out an excuse. We had to work, our mom is sick, whatever. For the record, my flaking days are over by the way, but I get it.

This is what it means when a girl flakes. It means you don’t really have her interest. I mean she wishes you did because you are a nice guy, but the fact of the matter is you don’t. She has hope that you will do something that will ignite that interest, but you don’t.

Usually there are signs she is going to flake. You can tell a lot by her texting habits. If she doesn’t answer you right away or if her replies to your text messages are short or just one liners and she isn’t really carrying her end of the conversation, she has the potential to flake on you.

Another sign is she is always so busy. A girl that is into you will make the time to talk to you and spend time with you. If she is always busy, she is likely setting up her excuses in advance.

She also could be waiting for a better offer, but if she is like me, a better offer is out with the girls as opposed to out with a guy that I don’t really have much interest in. It sucks I know but if girls keep flaking on you, there is something you need to change. If you find yourself in the friend zone more times than not, maybe you don’t understand how attraction works or you simply don’t understand how to connect emotionally to a woman.

Attraction is the key to girls not flaking on you. You can blame the girls all you want, but trust me, it’s not them, it’s you, with the exception of a girl still hung up on her ex. Those are a lost cause and a girl pinning over an ex will always flake on you.

I know guys who know how to build attraction and I know guys who are clueless. Some can do it over a silly text message or within minutes of meeting. Others wind up in the friend zone over and over. If you keep getting flaky girls, perhaps the problem isn’t the girls.

The thing that I don’t get about guys who always claim nice guys finish last is this. Why not do something to change it? Why keep complaining about it and never doing anything about it. There is tons of information, books etc.., and they are not all a load of crap.

If you are tired of girls flaking on you, make some changes, do some research on attraction and how exactly women become attracted. Learn what makes a woman Nice Guys With An Edge“>feel connected to you. We do like nice guys, but we still need that attraction to spark us. If you having to ask why do girls flake on me, do something about it!



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