Why Girls Won’t Text Back

So you meet a new girl and you text here and there is radio silence. Or perhaps she texted you back a few times and then just stopped. You wonder why girls won’t text back when they gave you their number. Why give out their number it they aren’t going to text you back?

Girls give out their number all the time. Often they are lukewarm about you and then you send some lame boring text message that does nothing to heat her up. When a girl gives you her number, at that point she often isn’t sure about you or her attraction to you. She may just plan on keeping you around as a back up. If you text her something lame like “hey”, or just “hey, it’s Matthew”, you aren’t giving her much to work with. Boring lame text messages won’t flip her switch and is a big reason why girls won’t text back.

The number one reason why girls won’t text you back is you haven’t captivated her interest. Men are visual while women are more emotional. If you want to get her interest, you need to make her feel something, even in the very first text you send her. If you don’t, you are likely to wind up friend zoned. You want to send her texts that make her smile, really smile.

My friend Liza met Jimmy out at a bar one night. She wasn’t particularly impressed, but she had a few drinks and gave him her number anyway. The next day he started texting her and wow, he was skilled. He pushed her buttons, made her laugh and needless to say they have been together for over a year now. Had he just sent a “good morning” text message, she probably would never have given him a chance.

Then there is Diane. She met Bryan out one night and there was total chemistry. Bryan did text her, everyday. Good mornings. Good nights. What was she doing. Just small talk but never made any effort to see her. She just stopped texting him back eventually. If you are texting a girl, please move it forward before she loses interest completely.

The reason why girls won’t text back is because you are not capturing her interests or you are possibly boring her to tears. Texting is a great tool that can help you build attraction and keep her interest if you know how to use it. If you don’t have these magnetic texting skills, the good news is you can learn them here. Never have a girl that won’t text you back again.



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