Good Morning Text Messages to Your Girlfriend

If you want to send Good Morning Text Messages to your girlfriend, it’s critical to know how and what to say. A little tweaking can go a long ways to building up more attraction towards you.

Texting is your best dating tool. If used wisely, you can build up your girlfriends attraction and have her longing to see you. Now when sending good morning text messages to your girlfriend, it seems simple enough, but it’s more to it than you know. If you are sending this same message almost every day, you need to keep reading. I am going to give you two example here and you tell me which one is more effective.

Guy texts girlfriend “Good Morning Sexy” every single day. She eventually doesn’t even have to read it, she knows what it says. It’s really sweet that you are thinking of her, but she could set her clock by it. You have become predictable and predictable is boring as crap. If you are texting your girlfriend good morning every single day, you might want to reconsider. Ease out of it.
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Guy texts girl a good morning text on random days, not every day. He never says the same thing. He comes up with pet names for her and uses them. The result, he isn’t predictable. She appreciates it more because she never knows when they are coming and she never knows what he will say. He engages her imagination and attraction is built in the imagination of a woman.

Another key factor here is when you aren’t predictable, you take her on an emotional roller coaster ride. The days you don’t text, she longs for it. Then when you do, you cause her to feel relief and the text makes her 10 times happier than that every day text. It’s about pushing her emotional buttons. Another little thing to consider is this. What if you text her everyday and then one day you forget and miss one. She will think something is wrong and you will trigger all the wrong emotional buttons in her. All in all, it’s just not effective, nor a good idea to text your girlfriend good morning every single day. It does nothing for the attraction and it sets up habits that she will expect you to keep.



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