Good Opening Lines for Tinder to Send to Girls

Do you have good opening lines for tinder to send to girls or are you blending in with all the other guys with a lame hey, hi or what’s up?  I think one thing that most girls will agree on is that there is an abundance of these lame messages and it’s very rare that a guy puts in the effort to stand out.  A hey or hi or some other one liner gives us little to work with and we get so many that we begin to roll our eyes at those messages.

Please note, I am aware that Tinder is known as a hook up site. I also know not everyone on there is just looking to hook up and even if you are I think there are better ways to go about it.

Seriously if you want to stand out, you gotta get creative.  You may think hello sexy is a good opening  line, but really it’s not.  Men like it because they are visual creatures.  Don’t assume that because you like it that a girl is going to like it.  Now in all  honesty, if you are super good looking, it might work, but isn’t likely to keep her attention very long if you can’t come up with more than this. If you don’t think you need to stand out, please see below picture to put it into perspective for you.

opening messages for tinder

Below are a few tips to come up with good opening line for Tinder to send to girls

  • Compliment something you picked up about her personality, not on her body parts or how hot she it.  When you talk about just her looks, it comes across as shallow.  If you get the conversation going, you can tell her later if you think she is hot, but seriously, pretty works better.  Pretty feels sweet.  Girls like sweet.
  • Don’t ask her to chat or give her your contact info and expect her to reach out.  Part of winning a girl is getting her to feel comfortable and safe with you.  You can’t rush that, it doesn’t work.
  • Stay away from words that are plain and non expressive like the word “nice”.  No one wants to be described as nice, trust me.  Instead of sending “nice profile”, send something like “wow, great profile, you sound fun”.
  • End your message with a question.  This will double your chances of a reply, especially if it’s a question about her.

Get the Tinder Code here.

Remember when sending a good opening message on Tinder that she has dozens of matches right at her fingertips yet most of them don’t put in any effort in an opener, so you can have an advantage if you can come up with good opening lines for Tinder to send to girls.  The object of it is to build rapport and comfort first, then move in for the meet.

You can find tons of Tips here for using Tinder.



23 Responses to “Good Opening Lines for Tinder to Send to Girls”

  1. Lesley says:

    Good advice. Stay away from the word “cool” too, ugh. Really? Are we in 8th grade?

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