How Long to Wait to Text a Girl You Just Met

You just met a girl that you really like. You want to get to know her, hook up, date her, or maybe have a relationship with her. How long to wait to text a girl you just met? You have heard the 3 day rule I am sure. The 3 day rule is what the pick up artist teach you. God I am not even going to go there. Is this what you should do, wait 3 days. No!

3 days is too long to wait to text a girl you just met. You aren’t fresh in her mind and unless you made this killer first impression, she will probably be luke warm about you. Ever heard to strike while the iron is still hot?

Now you don’t want to be over eager and text her the same night and attempt to carry on a conversation. Quality women will see through this, it’s step one to killing an attraction. They Quality women also know about that 3 day rule, so you don’t want to do that either.

I do suggest that when you meet her and get her number to put it in your phone right then and there and text her while she is still with you, right that moment. For starters, you can find out if she gave you some bogus number. Girls do that. Just text her a simple statement like “got it”.

Now one reason you don’t want to text her later that night, say after you get home, is well it’s just tacky. Late night texting with someone you don’t know yet isn’t a good idea. Plus you want her to build up some anticipation. Texting her the next day after you get her number is perfect really.

Also keep in mind her schedule if you happen to know anything about her. Don’t text her while she is working. Wait until she gets off work and is relaxed. She will be more open if she is not at work and other people aren’t around. This is when you want to use your flirty texting techniques to spark her attraction. So in answer to how long to wait to text a girl you just met, ONE DAY!

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  1. Larraine says:

    24 hours seems like a reasonable amount of time.

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