How Often Should You Text a Girl You Just Met

There are a lot of things to consider in how often should you text a girl you just met.  Should you text her everyday?  Should you text her good morning or should you have long text conversations that go on for hours with girls you just met?

If you have explored this blog, you may already know that I worked with women only for 5 plus years.  I ran a website and a forum with over 4000 women of all ages.  I am still active in a private group on Facebook with over 2000 women from all over the world.  Today I am going to share from their perspective as it relates to you guys.

I know a lot of guys come on really strong in the beginning when texting a girl.  They text her everyday and sometimes go into what I call a text-a-thon, where they carry on a conversation for hours.  If you just met a girl this really isn’t a good idea texting a girl you just met.  You see you are setting a standard.  You are behaving like a boyfriend when you aren’t yet her boyfriend.

text a girl you just met

Girls then often start assuming that you are their boyfriend.  So if you aren’t sure you want to be her boyfriend, please don’t get into a pattern with your texting.  With a girl you just met, do you even know her well enough to know you want her as your girlfriend.  If you are going to act like a boyfriend, please don’t get upset with her when she starts acting like your girlfriend.  If you aren’t sure yet, slow down cowboy, this isn’t a race.  Don’t set yourself up for drama ahead.

One thing guys wonder about when it comes to how often should you text a girl you just met is when to text a girl you just met. When do you text a girl you just met.   Do you use the three day rule?  The answer to that is no, don’t use that stupid three day rule taught in some of those pick up communities.  Text the girl the next day after you just met.  Not late at night when you get home.  Build up a little anticipation.

One of the top complaints from women is guys that text them all the time and never ask them out or put any effort into spending time with them.  Don’t just be a serial texter.  Text her a few times, feel out if she is really interested and go ahead and ask her out.  I swear, I can’t count how many men just seem to want to be pen pals.  That’s just boring and frustrating for women.  Don’t do it.

Many guys lose a girls interest by not knowing things such as how often to text a girl you just met, or when or what to text her.  Some of these texts just have us rolling our eyes and I don’t mean from pleasure, I mean from boredom because you just blend in with all the rest.

Texting is by far one of your best flirting tools and you can build some serious anticipation, excitement and attraction if you know how to use it.  If you don’t know how to use it, you can learn everything you know to get the attention of girls with text messaging!  Text that girl!





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