How to Text to Women – Most Powerful Dating Tool

In the age of Social Media, texting women has become the number 1 means of communication with them on the dating front.  That being said, do you know how to text to women?  If you think you do, you might want to read on.  You might not know what you don’t know.

With today’s technology, we can live our lives through our phones. You can connect on Facebook, send an email on a dating site and send a text to a love interest in seconds. It’s powerful. Women are very into this. Women of all ages. They now expect you to have a Facebook page, if you don’t, you are just missing out.

So in light of this technology and age of instant gratification, it would be reasonable to say, texting is huge in dating. It’s not that simple though. How and what you text can make you or break you with women. If you don’t believe this, keep reading. I am going to change your mind.

Ever been out somewhere and watched a woman with her phone? She gets a text and her face lights up. She has that playful smile on her face. You can bet she is getting a text from a man, not a woman. Have you ever seen a woman roll her eyes in boredom when she gets a text? That one was from a man too. A man who is clueless. A man who does not know how to text women.

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I have a male friend, Chance. Chance is at least 75 pounds overweight, could use some dental work and some fashion tips. He is so funny though and has a great personality. One of the nice guys. Chance has a really gorgeous girlfriend. She is about 150 pounds lighter than he is and she can’t even get her arms around him. She is smitten. Not all nice guys finish last.

Chance won her via text messages. Smart man. He texted her for over a month before they met as they were long distance.  He engaged her, teased her, and made her smile a lot. By the fist date, she was already hooked on his words and had fallen in love with his personality.  Today, 3 years later, they are still going strong.   Chance sure knew how to text to women.

When texting a woman, don’t be boring. A text message just saying “How is your day”, or something similar is about as dull as it gets. It doesn’t engage us, it doesn’t make us smile, it’s just lame. Thing is, this is what most men are doing when they are texting women. They aren’t taking advantage of this huge means of building attraction.

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I have been a moderator on a women’s forum for over 5 years. We talk about and compare text messages from men a lot. It’s sad, most really are clueless and don’t know how to push our buttons. In my dating history alone, I have had 2 men who actually knew how to get me going with a text message. The rest I can’t even remember what they would text, but these two, well their messages are still stored in my cell phone.

It’s all about flirting with a text message. When it comes to how to text to women you have to flirt with your texts, have fun and make her smile and laugh. If you aren’t doing this, well you are missing out on a huge piece of the pie.



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  1. Larraine says:

    Learn how to spell. That’s always a good thing.

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