How to Ask a Girl Out Online Like a Boss

how to ask a girl out online

I can speak here from experience as a woman and from working with thousands of women over the last few years.  I am blown away at the men that don’t know how to ask a girl out online or even over a text message.  Are men that scared of rejection now that they can’t be confident in pursuing us at all?  Let me explain.

I have done online dating on and off numerous times.  I recently reactivated my profile on one of the sites.  After two weeks and countless emails, not one man has managed to really ask me out or to meet.  I am in a group with 3000 other women and let me tell you, I am not the only one experiencing this.  Guys who don’t know how to ask a girl out online are a dime a dozen.

It goes like this.  A guy will mail you, do a little small talk back and forth then throw the ball into our court with something like this.  Let me know when you are available to meet or Let me know when you are on my side of town.  My vagina just dried up completely, seriously.  So you really want me to ask you out, it that it?  If we enter a relationship, will I have to make all of the decisions?

What you basically do with these lame messages and texts is give your power over to her, not to mention you just showed you have little confidence in yourself.  Why oh why can’t men just ask us out.  It’s not that hard.  We will say yes or no.  Do you think you are being polite by putting the ball in her court.  I think it’s more you are seriously stuck in beta mode.

If you want to ask a girl out, tell her, ask her.  Suggest a date, place and time and ask her does that work for her.  If you want to be polite, give her a couple of options to choose from, but don’t put the choices on her.  Take charge, it’s sexy as hell when a man can take charge.  It makes us feel safe.  It makes a woman feel like a woman and if you can do that, you have scored.

Another thing that seems pretty common with men online is the way they just chat for days, weeks and never ask a girl out online.  I have read tons of comments from women that say, “how can I get him to ask me out?”.  Usually they have been talking to her for a while and have just hinted at meeting.  Stop the hinting please and just ask her out.  Are you waiting for her to do it?  It sure seems so.

We don’t feel very womanly when we have to do your job for you.  Call me old fashioned.  The fact remains we like to feel like women.  We like men with the confidence and that know how to ask a girl out online or even in real life for that matter.  I can’t even count the stories from frustrated women on this issue.  Many women may oblige you on this and pick up your slack, good for them.  I can assure you a woman that has options and confidence usually won’t.  She will just answer you with one word like “sure” and keep it moving until a man that knows how to ask her out does so.

I understand you want to know if she is interested or not, but really you will find that out when she says yes or no.  If you get turned down, move on.  It’s just no big deal.  If this is something you struggle with or get choked up about, perhaps you have too many beta characteristics.  I am not knocking beta guys, but it’s no secret that women are naturally drawn to alpha males, but that is another blog post.

So next time you are wondering how to ask a girl out online, please just do it.  Just ask her.  If you need some magic words to say, you can check out this Language of Lust for tips that work!





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