How To Get Your Girlfriend in The Mood

If you want to know more about how to get your girlfriend in the mood, first thing is to forget about what you “think” turns her on.  What works for men does not work for women.   I am sure you have heard already that sex for a woman starts in her mind.  Before I go into how to get your girlfriend in the mood, (or wife for that matter) I think it’s important to tell you what you may unknowingly be doing that keeps her out of the mood.

This is very important, because if you are doing things that hinder her sex mood, they are going to build up and stick in her mind and affect her attitude the next time and the next time.  The cycle gets vicious.  The result, she starts to associate sex as a duty and not as a the pure pleasure you want her too.

Complaining about not getting any is not how to get your girlfriend in the mood.

Have you ever after being rejected one time or several times and said in some not so pleasant tone or a tone of disappointment something like this: “I guess I am not getting any tonight again”.  Although it may be what you are feeling, these are words that will dry her up like the Sahara and not just for one night.  It makes her feel as if you expect it, and although you do, women really don’t enjoy sex when it’s expected.  It’s like cooking.  We may love to cook, but if it’s expected of us, it’s not any fun anymore.

We do want to make you happy, I swear, but not out of obligation. Complaining to her makes her feel bad and that does not make her feel sexy.  It makes her feel inadequate.  Do you feel desirable when you feel inadequate?  It also screams entitlement, which is so not sexy.  Whining and complaining aren’t sexy period.  We aren’t turned on by a whining complaining man.  What’s worse, we come to expect this behavior from you every time we may really not be in the mood.  You conditioned us to do this by your complaining and pointing out your dissatisfaction, and therefore, sort of made your own bed.  It becomes dreaded and not something exciting anymore.

Women will fake sleep to avoid this whining.  Or we will fake sleep when you get in the bed and just start feeling on us out of the blue.  We know what’s coming when we say no.  The whining and complaining.  Then again you don’t get any, and this is how the cycle continues.  Oh it’s just awful and nobody is happy.  I brought up the getting in bed and starting to feel on us for a reason.  A lot of men do this.  They haven’t done anything prior to this to get her in the mood.  A man often assumes because he can get hard with a few strokes of the hand that women should or can get aroused like this as well.  Wrong guys, it doesn’t work this way.  I can’t tell you how many women have told me the tales of men that go straight for the sweet spot way to fast before it’s even wet and just rubbed away.  New Flash here, it’s uncomfortable and often even hurts.

Ask any woman and I would bet the best sex she has had and she will describe the feelings, the connection she felt first and foremost.  Give her what she wants and you will get more than enough of what you want.  Make her feel desirable. Groping and feeling on her doesn’t do this.  All day foreplay is a huge key.  I recall a day spent with a lover just walking around flea markets, holding hands and silly sharing.  It was such a nice day and it made me want to make love.  I felt close to him and she wants to feel close to you outside of the bedroom.

I know this isn’t always possible with our busy schedules but there are other ways if you can’t get the one on one time.  You can call her out of the blue, maybe leave her a little note.  Something to make her feel appreciated.  Also if you can engage in physical activities with her that does not always result in sex, she comes to trust that you appreciate her for who she is, not the sex she can give you.  An example of this would be a message.  Give her a message and don’t go for the hot spots.  Focus on her back, the length of her arms, her thighs, maybe even her inner thighs, but leave the breasts and vagina alone.  Do this a few times and break that pattern of complaining.  Do things for her with zero expectations.  Run her a bath and leave her alone to relax. What is sexy to a woman and gets her in the mood is not what is sexy to a man.

How to get your girlfriend in the mood with texting!

If time is limited and with careers, jobs and life stresses this is often the case, there is a few little tricks you can use.  It’s so simple it almost seems ridiculous.  You probably have your cell phone at your fingertips at all times, so try texting her into bed.  Women get aroused in their imaginations and with the right messages, you can get and keep her going all day.  I know this works, we use it all the time.  It’s a great way to make her feel connected to you.  A woman that feels connected to you wants to have sex with you.  Remember how it was in the beginning when you acted like rabbits?  You can get that back with just a little effort of pushing a few buttons.  Start with one message like “For some reason I can’t stop thinking about how you looked when_____, fill in the blank.  See what happens.  How to get her in the mood?  Consider texting her into the mood.

Michael Fiore wrote a book about how to text her into bed.  It does work and is very effective for those wanting to keep romance and great sex in their lives   I urge you to check it out if you want to know how to get your girlfriend in the mood.

Women want to be seduced.  Men seem to forget this and the sex after time becomes just an act and the seduction part is left out.  You win the woman with seduction, so it only seems reasonable that to keep her, you have to keep seducing her as well.




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