How to Talk to a Girl Online to Ignite Sparks!

I can say with complete certainty that a lot of guys don’t know how to talk to a girl online, let alone know how to ignite a spark with their conversation.  I speak from experience.  Mine and about few thousand other women that I have the pleasure of interacting with on online forums.  Men appear to be unsure of themselves and if you are one of these men, I assure you it shows in your messages. Let’s start at the beginning

The very first email to girl on a dating site.

As you know the first email to a girl on a dating site is your first impression.  This is your chance to send a message that increases your chance of a reply.  If you can’t get past the first email, chances are you really don’t know how to talk to a girl online.

Weekends are a busy time for me online.  Sunday morning alone I received about 12 messages.  Every single one of them were less than three words.  Every single one.  A list below if you need details.

  • hey
  • hey sexy
  • how r u
  • how’s your day
  • hello
  • hello beautiful
  • love your smile
  • love you hair
  • can we chat
  • hi

The list keeps going.  Knowing this is the standard email that guys send to girls online gives you a huge advantage and opportunity for you to stand out.  You see every time we go to open up our mail, we are secretly hoping that some guy has put in some effort.  We are hoping to open up a message to something more than a few words.  Something that allows us to at least think you noticed something other than visual aspects about us.  We like to know you at least took the time to read our profile at the very least.

How to up Your Game in Online Dating Here.

You guys think there is a ton of competition online and you think we are getting a ton of emails, so what is the point?  Yeah, we get a ton of emails, lame ones.  I am more apt to give a guy a reply and a chance if he can stand out from the rest, even if he isn’t the most attractive man on the dating site for that matter.

This is my opinion and honestly the opinion of many women.  Men who send these 3 word or less opening liners probably don’t have much confidence in themselves and are anticipating rejection before they hit the send button.  They don’t know how to talk to a girl online because they allow fear of rejection to dominate.  I don’t have to tell you that a man without confidence isn’t all that attractive. Below is an example of a man’s latest attempt to talk to me online.

I think it would be nice to meet someone close ……. Does not mean it will work ……just a thought

This email above screams “I have no confidence“.  He has set himself up for failure of talking online in his first email, let alone meeting.  I mean meeting is just a thought to him, nothing more.  Already planting a seed that it won’t work.  Would a woman feel safe with a man like this?  Hell no!

Guys have told me they send these emails because they rarely get a response and it’s their way of testing to see if we might be interested.  Can I say you are self sabotaging with this?  Find something in her profile that you can comment on and at least try to get a few sentences pieced together.  You will increase your odds like this and many say online dating is a numbers game anyway.  Get over that fear of rejection and act like a man, please!

If you can make us laugh or say something funny or pick on us in a playful way, that is even better.  If you have a sense of humor, show it to us.

how to talk to a girl online

How do you keep the conversation going with a girl online?

Okay, so she answered you now what to say to a girl online dating?  How do you keep the conversation going.  Many think asking a bunch of questions is how to keep it going.  A few questions is okay, but don’t go overboard.  Don’t ask her how many men she has met or how it’s going with her online dating.  Don’t ask her where she is from either, that should be in her profile and if you messaged her, you should know.

Again, find something in her profile, tell her why and how that appeals to you and ask a question about it.  Be witty, be confident and always assume she is interested, don’t ask her is she interested.  Let your confidence shine through in your conversation.  Often it’s not what you do that impresses a girl, but what you don’t do that is just like all the other guys.  Flirt with her.  If you don’t know how to flirt with a girl online, find out.  There are books out there on the subject and they can help you turn your dating life around.

There is nothing wrong with chatting for a few day but sooner, rather than later, you need to ask her out online.  I mean if you just start everyday for weeks with a good morning text to her online, you get rather boring to us.  We get frustrated with guys who want to text or message us constantly but never make a move to ask us out.  We lose interest quickly and move on to someone with a little more action behind their words.

If you want to really light a spark with a girl, learn how to talk to a girl online. If you don’t know how or don’t feel confident in your ability, for God’s sake, get some advice.  Confidence is a big key and we can feel it even via those virtual connections.  Confident men are just down right sexy.  Invest into your online game and get more dates, more sex and love in your life with The Online Game Here.

Or just continue to strike out while the guy that knows how to talk to a girl online keeps on scoring!

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