How to Text Girls and Build Excitement

How to text girls can be either like adding gasoline to a flame or
throwing a wet blanket on it. Few guys understand the power and delivery
their words or texts have on the success of failure of their
interactions with women. Texting girls is the biggest dating tool you
have. If you text a girl and bore her to tears, it won’t be very
effective. If on the other hand when you text a girl you make her smile,
you can have her craving more. Learn the difference that ultimate
texting techniques can make.A few years ago I was in a relationship with a man that used texting a
lot. I don’t know if he just knew how to do it instinctively or if he
had read one of the online texting guides but I do know this. His texts
always made me smile. I had a ring tone assigned to this man. His texts
were never mundane, always playful and he never texted me to death. The
result. Every time I heard that ring tone, my heart would skip a few
beats. I would get excited to hear from him. He was creating triggers
and his texts helped me to fall in love with him.

He knowingly or unknowingly created a trigger with his texts. His texts
would trigger a euphoric feeling in me. This trigger was so strong.
Triggers can also change. He broke up with me. I was heart broke.
Anytime after that if he called or texted and I heard that ring tone, it
triggered deep sadness. I had to change his ring tone. Triggers can be
powerful. They can cause us to feel deep strong emotions.

What are your texts triggering in your girl? Do you text mundane things
like can you bring home the milk? Do you use your texts to say you are
running late, or convey any other boring details. If so, you aren’t
texting love. Your texts are not positive triggers. If you can learn to
text her things that give her warm fuzzy feelings, you can cement your
emotional attraction further and deeper. Yes you can text her in love.

Triggers are powerful. Think about an addict. What is one of the first
things an addict has to do to break free of an addiction. He has to
remove the triggers. That cup of coffee that triggers the cigarette.
Texting love is like creating an addiction with your triggers. She
becomes addicted to you. This is text love. If you want to know how to
text girls, learn how to create these triggers.

Stop using texts to your woman for anything other than texting love or
fun loving things. Create that trigger in her with your texts and help
her fall in love with you using these triggers as a tool. You can be
playful, or sexual, and engage her imagination with text messages. Your
texts become something that is just between you and her. It’s those
little things that add up and grow emotional attraction and yes text
love! Emotional attraction is what makes a woman fall in love.

I can also remember how it felt when I didn’t get a text from a
particular man. It didn’t feel good. This only worked to heighten the
effect of the trigger he created. I would feel relief when I did hear
from him. Relief, another positive trigger was created. It’s a bit like
Pavlov’s dog if you think about it. You can text her in love
If you are wondering should I text her, read on. Learn how to text your girl into a romance and love.




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