How To Text With the Guy You Like and Not Blow it!

how to text with a guy you like

When you meet a guy you like, you naturally want to talk with him.  You want things to progress and you try to think of things that you can text him about to make contact.  If you want to know how to text with a guy you like, read this before you send another message please.  the key word here is “with”, it has to be mutual interaction.

I write posts here for men as well as women.  One thing you need to know here before you text that guy you like is this.  One of the most searched terms for my website is “she texts me too much”.  Texting the guy you like too much is going to turn him off.  Being too eager is not a good thing.

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When texting a guy, less is more, believe me.  He is the man, give him space to lead.  If you are the one doing the texting, or he doesn’t text you first, you are in essence chasing him.  Chasing men never works.  It comes across as needy or worse, desperate.  There is zero challenge for him and it requires zero effort on his part.

The best Way to Text with a Guy You Like

texting a guy you likeThe best way to text a guy you like is to simply reply enthusiastically when he texts you.  In other words, you simply answer his texts.  If he isn’t texting, then you shouldn’t be texting him.  If he isn’t texting, he probably isn’t interested or either you have already killed his attraction with your over eagerness by texting him.  Or maybe he is just busy.

Your job when it comes to texting guys is to simply observe.  You can get a good feel of his level of interest if you simply observe his texting habits.  Is he texting your regularly?  Does he text you at all?  Does he make an effort to see you?  You do not want to show a higher level of interest than he does.  Seriously, you don’t.

You can be flirty and fun when he texts you.  Be open and receptive when answering a guy that you like when texting with him.  No pushing, like asking when will you see him, when will he text you again or requesting that he text you again.  Leaning back is how to text a guy you like.

If you want to text him a good rule to follow is 80/20.  You text him 20% for the 80% that he texts you. Anything more and you are over selling yourself.

If you are thinking of texting him good morning every day would be sweet, think again.  If he isn’t texting you good morning, don’t take this task on yourself.  You would be investing into a guy that is not texting you.  It’s not going to make you more appealing.

How Often Should You Text a Guy You Like

This is so tough for most women.  They want to jump and move the relationship forward.  Guys simply don’t think like this.  They are more in the moment and usually in the beginning aren’t even thinking of a relationship.  Be careful here, getting ahead of the guy is what causes them to pull away and lose interest.  You don’t want to do that. Learn now how to text and call guys the right way, the way that doesn’t send them rolling their eyes and running for the hills.

You just relax and live your fabulous life.  I know when you like a guy a lot it’s tough not to try to steer the relationship, but seriously if he likes you back you won’t need to send a text to remind him you are alive.  Give him space and allow him to be the man and pursue you and you are much more likely to get what you want than you would be chasing after him texting him too much.



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