Men are You Practicing Goal Oriented Sex

give her an orgasmWhat is goal oriented sex?  In goal oriented sex, the goal is to give her an orgasm, then move onto to get yours.  Surely this isn’t a bad thing right?  Both parties get an orgasm, so what could be wrong here?  You go into the bedroom.  The man usually does what it takes to bring a woman to orgasm, then goes on to get his.

Then you can get up and have a sandwich or roll over and go to sleep.  Life is good right?  She is satisfied so all is well.

Here is the thing.  Is she satisfied really?  Or is she laying there feeling empty and disconnected?  There simply has to be more to sex than this.  For starters, the above goal oriented sex probably only takes about 15 minutes tops.  No wonder women get so many headaches and can’t get in the mood.

If this is how you go about sex, your woman is asleep when it comes to sex.  She isn’t reaching her full potential and neither are you for that matter.

I hear many men say with pride, I always make sure she gets hers first.  If this is your practice, buddy you are practicing goal oriented sex.  It’s usually like rub rub rub, and many men start that rub rub rub way before she is even ready for it.  Then when she gets her orgasm, they move onto getting theirs and it’s done, over, nothing left to do.

When a woman says that a certain man is the best she ever had, she usually isn’t referring to a man who just delivers goal oriented sex.

Claim Your Sexual Power!

When it comes to goal oriented sex, women often feel pressured.  We are too aware that much of a man’s manhood/head is invested in orgasm, then we feel like not having one makes him feel like he’s not a good lover or lacks skill.  Then we are pressured to have an orgasm, within 15 minutes I might add.  This turns sex into more of a chore than the pleasurable act it should be.  We as women get locked up in our minds.

There is more to sex with a woman that to just give her an orgasm

We crave connection on a deeper level and without it, we often would just assume not even bother, hence our frequent headaches.  Men often complain she is never in the mood.  It’s really that the sex is a let down.  I mean it may be good, but I think down inside, we women are looking for great.  We want you to wake us up.

We know we can wake up,  but that is a difficult concept to get across to you men for many women.  We fear talking to you about it, because we know what a sensitive subject it can be.

I know a woman who did have the talk about sex with her man.  He completely misinterpreted it or either she mis-communicated it.  The next time they had sex, he went about it like a man on a mission.  He was determined to give her more than one orgasm.  He went to work on her like he was building something great.  The result?  More pressure, now she had to have 2 orgasms.

If you are having goal oriented sex with your woman I challenge you to embrace the possibility that you may not know what you don’t know.  Women can wake up and become the Sexual Goddess that you crave, but not with goal oriented sex.  No Sir.

Claim Your Sexual Power!

There is a better way to go about sex that heightens her desire and does so much more than give her an orgasm.  It inspires her loyalty captivates her on deeper levels.  If you want to take your sex life to new peaks and claim your sexual power you can check this out here. 



30 Responses to “Men are You Practicing Goal Oriented Sex”

  1. Lesley says:

    HA! Definitely going to second that Amen of Heather Burns up there. I wish men would be more woman goal oriented and not make it always about them. This is a great article, I hope more men realize that there is power in taking sexual control in a relationship.

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