6 things Not To Text a Girl

Texting is a great way to connect to girls. Sadly many men just don’t really think before they hit sent. There are many things not to text to a girl that you may not even be aware that you are doing. I have ran a women’s forum for 5 years and below is just a list of the major complaints and huge turnoffs that men do when texting girls.

# 1 Thing not to text a girl

A picture with your shirt off. Seriously, the shirt off is one thing, but most of you take it further and ask us what do we think. If you don’t ask us, we know you want us to tell you what we think. Your quest for seeking our validation comes of as a bit creepy, plus the fact that you expect us to be visually stimulated like you are shows us you really don’t get women. Please keep your compliment seeking pictures to yourself. We can see through that and usually it spells needy. Most of us would rather you send a pic of a cat or cute puppy, really, seriously.

# 2 Thing not to text a girl

A one line or one word response like lol, ok, or a smiley. When I get that, I assume you are trying to shut me down because that is exactly what I send to end a conversation or when I get bored with a man that simply doesn’t know how to carry a conversation. We can’t work with that and texts like this really don’t require a response. If it made you smile tell her “that made me smile”, don’t send a smiley face please. If it made you laugh, tell us we made you laugh. Save the one word texts for a girl you are trying to get rid of or that won’t stop texting you.

# 3 Thing not to text a girl

Hey __________. Filling in the blank with sexy, sweetie, or whatever. Again, nothing for us to work with. Seriously, recently I had a man that sent me a good morning, it’s a beautiful day text every single morning. It got to where I was just rolling my eyes at that. Nothing to engage me at all and downright lazy. Get creative please or just don’t text me. Most of us simply aren’t that starving for attention.

# 4 Thing not to text a girl

Guilt tripping texts. This one will turn a girl off instantly. A guilt trip text is one where you say something like “why are you avoiding me?” or “you can’t text me back?”. Guilt texts usually occur when your ego has been wounded and you are reacting in a not so attractive manner. It shows us the boy side of you with little self control. Just don’t do it. If you can’t send something to make her feel good, don’t send anything. If she isn’t responding, please don’t react, it just shows how desperate and dependent you are.

# 5 Thing not to text a girl

The indecisive text. What do you want to do tonight? If you have been with her for a long time, this will fly. If you just met her, not so much. We really do like guys that can take charge. Don’t put us into a masculine role right from the start. Sexiest thing ever is a man who a woman can feel that he has “got this”. Women like to feel safe and we don’t feel safe with a man that can’t take a little control.

# 6 Thing not to text a girl

Dick pics. I hate to even have to include this one, but the women that I talk with daily have requested it. Again, we aren’t as visually stimulated as you. When you send us a pic of your penis, what do you expect us to say, especially if we barely even know you. Do you really thing that we are going to now beg you to come over and insert it? Don’t do this, ever ever and that is all I am going to say. It’s a sure give away that you don’t know much about women at all and it’s mostly all about you and the validation you need to survive.

If you are going to text women, be flirty and fun. Give her good feelings, give her something to work with.

I get it, you want to connect to women. You may even just have the agenda of having sex with them, but this is not the way to get a woman’s attention. A woman’s attraction buttons are in her emotions and how you make her feel. These 6 things and many more I didn’t list just don’t hit those buttons. Why not find out what does?

Ultimate Texting Girls Guide.



34 Responses to “6 things Not To Text a Girl”

  1. Lesley says:

    Dang girl! You know your stuff! I agree with every single one of these, especially “What not to text a girl # 5” – Are you a boy or a man? Own it! Take charge! Plan the date, woooo me off my feet. Don’t make me tell you where we should go.. that already gives me a clue of how you are in the bedroom… no joke!

  2. Robin Cockrell says:

    Ain’t that the truth Lesley!

  3. Heather says:

    #6 makes me want to gag! the opposite of romance is porn. Just go away.

  4. Vinma Joseph says:

    Very smart! I agree with all your points and #3 should be a no brainer to men! Ha!

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