What to Text a Girl the First Time

So you got her number, now you are wondering what to text a girl the first time. You don’t want to be boring or ordinary that is for sure. The first text to a girl should be fun, and inspire her to want to reply. As a woman, I can tell you first hand, the majority of males out there fail miserably at this.

I have to say this first and foremost even though it should be obvious. Women are not men. Men are visual creatures. Women are emotional. That being said what you text a girl for the fist time should trigger her emotions. Emotions like curiosity, laughter, intrigue, suspense, mystery, happiness, or even that awwww feeling. You want to make her feel on an emotional level. You may respond to a pic of her in a bikini, but I assure you, she won’t be too exited of a pic of you shirtless in front of your bathroom mirror.

So what to text a girl the first time to trigger these emotions. If you have talked with her previously such as met her out or chatted online via a dating site or other app, pick up on something that she said. I was chatting online a few nights ago with a man and I mentioned to him that something was easy and that I described it as a cakewalk. Days later it was and he messaged me something and used my term “cakewalk” in the message describing something completely different.

What did seeing that word that I had used, cakewalk make me feel. It made me feel he was paying attention. It made me giggle. There was no way I wasn’t going to reply to that. It was so simple but effective. It made me feel special that he had picked up that odd word and used it in another context. It made me feel noticed. What girl does not want to feel special and noticed?

If it’s your first text, it’s also a good idea to include your name in there. Nothing like texting a girl for the first time and having her reply “who is this”. Tell her who you are and then add something witty or funny that is about her, not about you. Don’t be boring. Boring puts you in the friend zone fast.

Texting is the best tool you have to start building attraction. The good thing is you can use texting to build attraction over and over again if you do it right. So you guys that are reading this and are texting lame good morning sexy messages, or just Hi, what’s up, stop now and please learn how to create triggers that will make her feel warm and fuzzy with your text messages.

Also please note that we can’t even count the number of text messages we get that are say something like hey, hey sexy, hi, or just a plain how are you or hope you are having a good day. The implication about her having a good day are nice and all that, but they do nothing to build up her attraction for you, nothing!

So what to text a girl the first time? Something that stirs some emotion! There is a simple sequal of texts that can spark her attraction for you and get you to the next level with her here.

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