How to Text a Girl You Like

When you text a girl you like, you want to spark her interests. You
don’t want go into overkill and appear desperate. If you go about this
the wrong way, you can kill her attraction. Texting a girl is powerful,
because unlike men, women do respond to words. Not only do they respond,
they analyze the crap out of everything a man says. You know the female
mind, it’s true.Think about this, how often is it that the girl you aren’t that into is
more into you? Why is this? Maybe because you don’t go over board. You
text her at random, and aren’t so available. For some reason this makes
her want you more. That old human trait, she wants what she can’t have.
Keep this in mind when you text a girl you like.I am not suggesting you play games, I am just suggesting that you treat
her somewhat like you aren’t that into her. Don’t start texting her all day long.I know you want to reach out and touch her, but there is some
truth to absence makes the heart grow fonder. Engage in a conversation
daily is fine, but keep it down to a few texts and try to be the one to
end the conversation. A sign that she is into you, if you end the
conversation and she sends you one more text, you got her on the hook.

Women like intrigue and mystery. If you are texting her all the time, or
telling her your every move, it’s no mystery. Sometimes it’s in what
you don’t say that gets her interest sparked. If she texts you and asks a
question, dance around the answer for a while. Let her work for it.
This is a way to measure her interest. If she does keep going for an
answer, again, you got her hooked.

When texting a girl you like, you want to be fun and flirty. You don’t
want to send her boring texts about mundane things going on in your day.
Keep those things to yourself. I know you may be really wanting to send
some sort of text to a girl you like to check to see if she is still
there. Hold off. Only text her when you have something that will make
her smile or put good thoughts in her head about you. Leave the boring
stuff behind when you text a girl you like.



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