Get Out of The Friend Zone with a Text!

Tired of hearing “I just want to be friends or you are like a brother to me”? It happens, but if it keeps happening to you with the girl you like there is hope and it’s so simple. Can you get out of the friend zone with a text? You can use text messages to heighten a girl’s attraction and change her perception of you from friend to lover.

What is it that the bad boys do that get the girls. Have you ever been one of those guys who was crazy about a girl who was crazy about a bad boy. You probably thought you could bring her around by treating her nice and being a good guy. It only makes sense right?

Wrong. She is already addicted to the adrenaline rush of the bad boy. It’s become her normal. So when you come along being all nice and treating her the way she really should be treated, it doesn’t feel normal to her. This sounds crazy I know, but it’s true. There is no rule that says what feels normal has to be normal.

So to avoid getting in the friend zone, you may need to adopt a few bad boy behaviors and you can do this with text messages. I am not saying to be a bad boy. You can still be a nice guy and treat her well, but first you have to get her attention. You can use a few techniques in texting a girl to be effective at this. The bad boys have many options therefore they don’t prioritize one girl. If a girl texts them, they don’t always answer right away. This tells the girl she may have some competition and this makes the bad boy more desirable.

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Cultivate your options, don’t just pretend to have options, really have them. Having options could be anything. Maybe a hobby, a sport, working out at the gym. Just have options that you value highly. A woman can sense it when you are willing to just toss everything aside for her and it’s just not attractive. There is no mystery there. To get out of the friend zone with a text, you need to convey some mystery.

What I am saying is to text the girls that see you as friends like they are girls you really aren’t interested in that much.

The bad boys also tease and present themselves in a text as her hero in the nick of time. You can learn these techniques, and still be a nice guy and get the girl. Only difference in you and the bad boy is you will have what it takes to keep the girl because in fact you do know how to treat her.

You see you have to change her perception of normal slowly. You can do this in how and what you text a girl. I know guys who have swooned and got the girl by upping their texting game alone. It’s up to you. You can get out of the friend zone with a text. Download magnetic messaging here.



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