Texting a Girl Everyday

Should you be texting a girl everyday?  How often should you text a girl? When you text a girl everyday, although it’s nice, it is also becomes very predictable. Predictable becomes boring. If you are one of these guys that comes on right out of the gate texting her good morning every single morning and good night. you might as well hold up a sign that says “pick me, pick me”. Not a very attractive picture is it.  If she has already become your girlfriend, this is okay, but a girl you just met this could backfire on you.

So in answer to should you be texting a girl everyday, no, not in the beginning. If you feel you must text her everyday, do so at different times. Also understand that if you start texting a woman everyday, she sees this behavior as boyfriend behavior. Be fair to her. If you aren’t sure about her, don’t lead her on. Trust me, women will think you are leading them on if you text her everyday. You create a standard that she may very well hold you to going forward. Don’t be surprised if you text a girl everyday and stop, that she gets upset.

text a girl every dayYou can use texting to build attraction if you do it right. A little mystery goes a long ways. If she hears from you everyday, it doesn’t give you much room to play on that mystery. Women love mystery. Often it’s what we don’t do that make others curious, not what we do. You want her to be curious. This inspires her to want to know more about you which makes her want to see you more.

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Texting a Girl Good Morning Everyday!

Let’s say you text her good morning every single day.  It gets predictable and predictable is boring.  You don’t want a girl who can set her clock by your texts.  I remember a few years ago, I was crazy about this guy.  He was not one to text me good morning.  So when he did do it, it mattered.  It made my heart skip a beat, especially when he used my name or a pet name.  Less really is more guys.

If you are texting her good morning or good night everyday and you happen to miss a day, this is a good time to have the opportunity to measure her level of interest. If she reaches out to you when not hearing from you, chances are good she is interested. This is not guaranteed however. There are some women out there that hell would freeze over before they text you first. They play by the rules. You can pretty much count on the fact that there are more women out there who don’t know the rules of texting than do know the rules of texting.

So should you be texting a girl everyday? Not in the beginning. Be a little mysterious and don’t waste your text messages on boring details of your life. Learn how to flirt with text messages and get her hooked with texts messages.  There are three epic text message examples here to get a girl out! Stop spinning your wheels and find out what works to build that attraction!

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