How To Trigger Her Emotions With Your Messages

If your text messages, whether via phone or on an online dating site, trigger her emotions. you have a far better chance of staying on her mind.  A text that makes her feel is more important than how often you text her.  Many men send text after text about not much of anything and wonder why we end up putting them in the friend zone.

I can use my activities on an online dating site as an example.  I get a lot of messages.  The majority of them do not engage me.  They don’t inspire me to want to text back or write back.  Many make me feel, feel being the keyword here, like I need to take over the conversation.  That puts me in my masculine energy and that is the last thing you want to do to a woman, trust me on this one.

There are many creative ways to trigger her emotions.  I had one stand out from the crowd recently.  He was making small talk about pets and he found out I had a dog and he sent me this video.  Don’t stop the carnival.   Wow, did that trigger emotions in me.  I actually felt something and felt like perhaps he just got me.  It totally shifted the conversation and created a connection, in my mind anyway.

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So guess what I am doing now?  Looking forward to his next message and yes, thinking about him.  You can send her all the good morning messages in the world and tell her she is sexy, but that just doesn’t stand out and it doesn’t keep her thinking of you.  A lot of guys think that if you text her often she will think about you, but that just doesn’t do it.

Less is more when it comes to triggering her emotions.  One powerful emotion is anticipation.  If you are texting us all the time, when do we have time to anticipate?  When you can trigger an woman’s emotions, she will automatically crave more.  Nothing like not hearing from someone you like all day and then getting that text from him.  Women by nature analyze.  If you haven’t text her all day, she has analyzed it in her mind, (thought about you)trust me.  Then you send her that text and she feels relief.  Relief being yet another emotion.

Now I have read what many of the pick up artists (pua) tell you to text a woman to trigger her emotions and let me tell you most of them just make me want to roll my eyes.  Telling her she is as cute as a squirrel gathering nuts or a pup under a wagon wheel?  Seriously?  Maybe if I were 12 years old.  Trying to be cute is not attractive, it’s just not and does nothing to trigger her emotions.  Just don’t do it please.  If you want to tease us, use something real, something that we are really about.

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If you want to trigger her emotions and send texts that make her think about you long after the conversation is over, put in some effort and get creative.  Pay attention to her and watch and it should come quite easily.  If it’s not easy for you, get some help here.







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    Make her feel like the most important woman in the world!

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