What is Sexy to Women- Most Wanted Qualities In a Man

Men get hung up on looks when it comes to thinking about what is sexy to women in a man. Looks can only get you so far. If you are drop dead gorgeous, we all know a man can kill the attraction when he opens his mouth. When it comes to what women find sexy in men, it’s deeper than the looks. It’s about his presence. It’s about how you make her feel.

I recently polled quite a few women on this topic. Today I am going to share the top things that women find sexy in men.

What is Sexy to Women

Top List of Qualities that Women Want!

The top of the list is Humor and Intelligence.

Humor and the ability to make her laugh are big ones.  Women love a man that makes her laugh.  A man that can disarm her emotional episodes with his humor instead of running for the hills gets extra bonus points.  If you can do this, you will find her emotional episodes become fewer and farther between and your life gets easier.

Intelligence is big also.  This doesn’t mean you can recite the dictionary.  Emotional intelligence is really what we mean by intelligence is sexy.  Having the ability and the sense to know what to say and when to say it or rather when not to say it, qualifies as intelligence.  Starting a conversation with a woman telling her nice ass for example does not qualify as emotional intelligence.

The ability to lead is sexy to women, very sexy!

We love a man that can take the lead, make a decision and follow through.  There are a lot of men that throw the ball in our court way to much.  You think you are pleasing to us, but actually it’s a sign that you are more of a follower.  We don’t want a follower, we want a leader.  We also like a man that can stand up to us and not allow us to walk all over you.

If you aren’t taking the lead from the get go, you are most likely turning off a lot of womenAsk her out like a boss, be confident.  When you throw the ball in her court and get her to make all the suggestions and plans, she can’t feel your masculinity.  We really don’t want to carry your balls around in our purses.

The words “I got this” is what is sexy to women, very sexy.  This stems from our need to feel protected and safe.  We can’t feel protected and safe when you can’t even ask us out on a date.  If a woman is having a melt down try it.  Gently, but firmly tell her you got this.  Notice her entire body posture takes on that of relief.  A yes man is not what women find sexy.

Having Your Own Life is Sexy to Women

Wanting to be joined at the hip twenty four seven is not sexy to women.  Most women that is.  Have your own life outside of her.  Pursue your own passions.  Not only is this sexy, but it makes you more interesting.  A man that puts a woman as the center of his universe or depends on her for his happiness is often the man that is left behind.

When you don’t have your own life and you put the woman too high up on a pedestal, she feels a huge burden and responsibility for your happiness.  A woman can’t relax completely with a man like this.  She can’t let her hair down for she walks on eggshells.

A Woman’s Language of Lust!

The Ability to Carry on a Conversation with Women!

what is sexy to womenThe ability to approach a woman and carry on a conversation with ease is what is sexy to women.  Women complain a lot these days that men lead into an approach or conversation with sex.  If sex is your goal, you will get more of it if you don’t lead with sex.  We get the sexual comments constantly.  If you want to stand out, don’t lead this way.

Even with online dating we can tell if you can carry on a conversation or not.  When you start a conversation with just a hi, and no content, we usually assume you can’t carry on a conversation and that you are waiting on us to lead.  If you don’t know how to carry on a conversation or talk to a girl, go read a book on the topic, learn, please.

In summary, women love a man with confidence.  Confidence plays a part in all of the above qualities and is sexy.  What is sexy to women is a man that knows who he is, is emotionally intelligent, has the ability to lead and knows that her biggest sex organ is really her mind.  A man that knows we don’t respond like men, and understands and accepts our differences is sexy to women.

The above qualities aren’t something that all men possess.  They are qualities or skills that can however be learned.  If you don’t have a lot of success with women, there is help out there and today with all the information online, it’s right at your fingertips.  If you blame women for your lack of success, I urge you to step out of the victim mentality and take responsibility for it.  Did I mention women also find a man that takes responsibility is also very sexy.

what is sexy to womenWhat is Sexy to Women In Appearance

Different women find different things sexy in men of course.  Some are into arms, some are into eyes.  Some say tall is a must have.  Overall, women like a clean, neat and well dressed man.  This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie.  Just make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free and you have showered.

I have had men that meet me for the first time with stains on their clothes or with the scent of a barnyard lingering around them.  Seriously.  Hygiene is important to most women.

If you are wondering what sort of pics women find sexy on a dating site, it’s not you in the bathroom with your shirt off.  A pic with you with a nice shirt on, with the sleeves rolled up is sexyGlasses are sexy, especially if they are tipped down over the nose with you looking up straight at us with a little grin.  Most women agree that men in glasses is what’s sexy.

Shoes, I must mention shoes.  If you are meeting a woman, don’t wear sneakers or work boots, please just don’t.  Nice casual loafer type shoes are best.

And smile, always smile, that is what’s sexy to women.

what women find sexy in men


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  1. Clara says:

    So true about the ability to lead. Men who are sure of themselves do it naturally and women tend to find those types of men attractive.

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