What Makes a Man Fall In Love – This May Shock You!

what makes a man fall in love

Men Fall In Love in Your Absence

If you think it’s the things you do that makes a man fall in love, think again. It’s often what you don’t do that hooks him.

Women get left all the time by men. The last words they hear are something like this. “I am not ready for a relationship”, or “It’s not you, it’s me”. Months go by and you hear through the grapevine that he is in a relationship or engaged. Wow, what just happened? What did she have that you don’t?

I have heard this phrase before and I now completely understand it. Men fall in love with your absence. This is so very true. For a man to fall in love, he has to think about you, a lot. If you are with him every free moment, well he might be enjoying your company, but he isn’t really thinking about you.

By thinking about you, I mean as in longing. He longs to be with you. He replays the time you had together over and over in his mind. He can’t long to be with you unless you are absent at times. Have you ever had a man say to you, ” I can’t stop thinking about you”. If you have, I bet he said it over the phone when you weren’t in his presence. This is the start of a man feeling an emotional attraction for you.

Absence Can Strengthen a Bond

If you are dating a man and you are giving him most or all of your spare time, if you are always waiting by the phone or putting your life on hold in areas for him, you might want to rethink this. While it works in the beginning or it seems, it isn’t what causes a man to attach to you. It isn’t what propels him to commitment.

What makes a man fall in love is the emotional attraction he feels for you. For this attraction to grow, you have to offer up some resistance. He needs time to miss you, think about you, recall memories. These are the things that play on his emotions, because face it, men aren’t emotional creature by nature.

Men don’t do like we do and start imagining a life with us after the first few dates. It’s a fact, they just don’t. You have to trigger his imagination to go to work for you and you don’t do this by being up his behind every minute you can. You do this by not being with him every minute you can. Let him wonder what you are doing when you aren’t with him, even if you are just washing your hair. Imagination is what makes a man fall in love, this is where it all starts.

Men need to miss you to fall in love!

When you are not in his presence, he has the opportunity to miss you.  When a man misses you, he feels pain.  He wants to get rid of that pain.

What this does is activate his hunter instinct. Men really do love the thrill of the hunt. They love competition, even if he is just competing with your girlfriends. They get busy trying to make you fall in love with them, and as a result, they fall in love with you. Men rarely fall in love with the woman who offered up no resistance. She is the one they eventually leave behind.

So this being said, when you are dating, it is critical to not put your stuff at his place. Don’t see him every day. Once, twice at most a week is fine. Don’t act like his girlfriend until he has shown you he is willing to invest into your happiness. Have a life outside of him and be excited about it. This is incredibly attractive to men and is what makes a man fall in love.



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