Why Don’t Women Approach Men

Today’s woman has higher paying jobs, more responsibility, and strives for equal rights. You would think she would be more open to pursue or approach men, asking them out and making the first move right? Wrong, so why don’t women approach men?

While it is true that times have changed, our biological make up has not.  Women are the feminine energy, men hopefully are still the masculine energy.  In a woman’s day to day life, she often has to step into that masculine role.  She has to lead, take charge, compete at work.  At the end of the day, can you really blame us for wanting to let our hair down and actually enjoy being a woman?

Fact of the matter is, women do approach men, it’s just in subtle ways.  We may smile, walk by you hoping you will notice us, smile at you, make eye to eye contact a little bit longer than normal, or touch our hair around you.  We give off signals that we are open to a man’s approach all the time.  Perhaps you are too lost in your own approach anxiety to pick up these signals.

Make Her Feel Like a Woman

why don't women approach menOne thing that attracts a woman to you is how you make her feel like a woman, much like, you like a woman that makes you feel like a man.  If we are doing the pursing and approaching, I assure you we don’t feel much like a woman.  When we take the lead, we are operating in our masculine energy, and seriously, it just doesn’t feel right.

I have found that the men who ask, why don’t women approach men are the same guys telling me women don’t like nice guys.  I have a male friend and seriously, he says he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he won’t beat a woman and women fall for guys that abuse them and treat them like crap.  He honestly believes this is why he can’t get a woman’s attention or rather, he has adopted this as his excuse to just not play the game of pursuit.

The belief that women don’t like nice guys has become their crutch.  It’s actually placing the blame on someone else as opposed to doing some personal development work on your own.  Expecting women to approach you falls into the same category.  An excuse, a cop out!   While you are wondering why don’t women approach men, there are men out there that this thought doesn’t even occur to  that have great success with women.

One of the key elements of attracting women is to make her feel like a woman.  Stop expecting women to approach you or chase you and step into your masculine role and take some leadership.  Women love it.  It’s their language of desire.

If you can’t speak a woman’s language of desire, isn’t it time you got rid of your lame excuses and did some work on yourself and learned how to bring a woman into her true feminine energy?











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