Will He Forget Me in No Contact?


This is a woman’s biggest fear about no contact after a break up.  Will he forget me in no contact.  Second only to the fear of him finding someone else.

First allow me to point out the obvious.  If a man forgets you, he is not the man for you.  Love won’t survive if it’s one sided.

Going no contact will not make a man forget you.  In fact, he may begin to wonder if you forgot him.

If you are fresh out of a breakup, you are in a state of emotion.  Any communication you have from a place of emotion is likely to come across to him as needy and desperate.

It’s not attractive and often it just gives him confirmation that he made the right choice in leaving you.

What No Contact Does for You

No contact, though tough and painful, gives you time to get yourself under control.  Time to let your emotions calm.  A woman in control of herself is alluring.

You want to be calm and collected for when there is contact.  This is close to impossible when you are an emotional wreck and struggling to hold back the tears.

No contact also gives you time to process and reflect. It’s not a time to worry if he will forget you.

No Contact Can Make Him Miss You

In the days and weeks following a breakup a man will and feel and remember the negative  things in your relationship.  If you are in constant contact, you just enforce the negatives in his mind.

He needs this space to let the negatives fade.  The do fade and lose their strong hold on him if you just give him time.  He will notice your absence and the will start remembering the positive.

If you contact him during this processing time, you will undo everything that you have accomplished and the process will have to start all over.

Getting an ex back is not an overnight thing.  Get a plan that works here.

He Broke Up With You, Respect That

When a man breaks up with you, it’s important to believe him and accept this.  To push and push for a second chance shows him you do not respect the boundary that he just put down.  On a subconscious level, it also shows him you really don’t care about what he wants, it’s all about what you want.

When you go no contact after a break up, you are not only giving him space, but showing respect for his decision.  Men crave respect so give it to him.

Why Contact Pushes Him Away Further

will he forget me if i go no contactMost when they initiate contact after a breakup are seeking answers, crying, and bleeding emotions all over a man.

Stalking, crying, begging, guilting and bleeding your emotions all over him will not put you back in his good graces.

These things just make him feel bad.  A man is not going to want a woman back that makes him feel bad.  He may pity her, but he will not be desiring her.

He will begin to feel like he is responsible for you well being and the truth is, no one is responsible for this but you.  Being responsible for the happiness of another is a big burden to carry and feels like a prison cell.

Use this no contact time to nurture and take care of yourself. 

So next time you worry if will he forget me in no contact, think about how you want him to remember you.

You want him to remember you as a woman in control of herself.  Not a crying sobbing needy mess.  The former is a powerful memory that will work in your favor.









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